My name is Carolin Lätsch. I am 25 years old and I am living in Leipzig since 2013. 
First I came to study here, now it's my home. In my Bachelor study Book- and Media production (University of Applied Sciences Leipzig) I learned a lot about design and media. However, I wanted to be independent and so I have chosen the Master General Management (University of Applied Sciences Leipzig), which I will finish in autumn 2019. 


Simultaneously with my education I started beekeeping in the summer of 2018 in a garden in the east of the city. ​The passion and interest for these insects and their way of living captured me entirely. My hobby revealed to me the importance and the problems of all wild insects in the present day. The honeybee is in a relatively safe position because of the beekeeping. Unfortunately, the wild insects like bumblebees, wasps, wild bees, bugs, butterflies and so many more don't have this privilege. They are dying because of the usage of chemical pesticides and not enough habitats to name a few. In march 2019, I founded together with some other dedicated people the initiative Leipzig summt!, which means Leipzig is buzzing! to counter that negative development. With MEL LUNA I want to share my passion for these little but incredibly important creatures and support the insect protection initiative Leipzig summt! 


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